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Thank You for Participating in the STRIVE Study

Your participation in the STRIVE Study is bringing Scottsdale Medical Imaging, GRAIL, and its collaborators one step closer to developing an important new tool to detect cancer early. Thank you for completing the first phase of your STRIVE Study participation. Your continued engagement in the follow-up phase will help with the continued development of the GRAIL blood test.

STRIVE Study Participation Activities
  • Inform Study Coordinators of Contact Information Changes
  • Inform Study Coordinators of Any New Cancer Diagnosis
  • Complete the Study Follow-Up
  • Provide Additional Blood Sample(s) if Indicated
  • Screening Mammogram
  • Read and Sign the Informed Consent Form
  • Complete the Study Questionnaire
  • Provide a Blood Sample
Scottsdale Medical Imaging Study Follow-Up

The success of the STRIVE Study depends on our ability to follow participants for cancer events over time. This follow-up is critical to the development of a blood test for the early detection of cancer. The STRIVE Study team will be reaching out to participants occasionally to collect study follow-up information. Additionally, study researchers will also be actively monitoring electronic health records for up to 5 years from enrollment to capture clinical outcome data, including cancer diagnoses.

Scottsdale Medical Imaging participants will be contacted with instructions for how to access and complete study follow-up activities. Study follow-up will take about 5 minutes of your time and can be completed on a computer, smartphone, or tablet with internet access. Participants may receive a follow-up phone call if they cannot be reached by email. If you have questions about study follow-up, please contact the Scottsdale Medical Imaging STRIVE Study team by emailing or by calling 1-480-425-4170.

Keeping your contact information up to date is very important so that the study team at your health center can reach you during the follow-up period. Please contact the study team by emailing or by calling 1-480-425-4170 if:

● Your contact information changes
● You receive a cancer diagnosis, or
● You receive cancer care


Have questions about the study? Visit our frequently asked questions page.

Sample Consent Form

Review a sample consent form that fully explains what participation involves.

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