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Thank you for joining the STRIVE Study to help detect cancer early


The earlier that cancer can be found, the better the chance it can be successfully treated.

The STRIVE Study is supporting the development of a new tool for early cancer detection that finds small pieces of genomic material in the blood arising from cancers.

To help us understand if this test is able to detect cancer early, the STRIVE Study enrolled women at the time of their screening mammogram to donate blood and allowed their health status to be followed for up to 5 years from their enrollment.
Learn more about early detection and the role of this blood test.
About Follow-Up

Study follow-up involves collecting information from participants to confirm their health status. STRIVE research teams at participating locations will be reaching out to participants occasionally to collect follow-up information. Each contact will only take about 5 minutes of your time. Study researchers will also be actively monitoring electronic health records for up to 5 years from enrollment to capture clinical outcome data, including cancer diagnoses.

You will not receive any personal test results because this is a research study and the test is still under development.


Have questions about the study? Visit our frequently asked questions page.

Sample Consent Form

Review a sample consent form that fully explains what participation involves.

Thank you for your contribution to the STRIVE Study! Our vision is to develop blood tests to detect cancer early, when treatment may be more successful.

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