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Thank you for joining the STRIVE Study to help detect cancer early

Your continued participation in study follow-up will help us to develop this blood test.

The STRIVE Study enrolled women undergoing screening mammography at Cleveland Clinic, Henry Ford Health System, Mayo Clinic, Sarah Cannon, Scottsdale Medical Imaging (SMIL), and Sutter Health. The success of the STRIVE Study depends on our ability to follow participants for cancer events over time. This follow-up is critical to the development of a blood test for the early detection of cancer. The STRIVE Study team will be reaching out to participants occasionally to collect study follow-up information. Additionally, study researchers will also be actively monitoring electronic health records for up to 5 years from the time of enrollment to capture clinical outcome data, including cancer diagnoses. To learn more about study follow-up, use the appropriate link below.


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Your contribution to STRIVE is helping the development of a blood test for early cancer detection

The earlier that cancer can be found, the better the chance of survival. The STRIVE Study will test a new technology being developed to detect small pieces of genomic material in the blood arising from cancers. To understand if this test can detect cancer early, the STRIVE Study enrolled women at the time of their screening mammogram and will actively monitor their electronic health records for five years to capture clinical outcome data, including cancer diagnoses.

  • "I want to help to find a way to detect cancers earlier. Both my mother and uncle lost their lives to cancer, and were not diagnosed until they were already at stage 4."

    ~ STRIVE Participant, Age 46
  • "My sister died of breast cancer at 52 and I will do what I can to help with early detection and treatment."

    ~ STRIVE Participant, Age 60
  • "My sister is a breast cancer survivor. While I wish more research was being done to find out the cause of breast cancer, early screening is the next best thing. A blood test and a questionnaire is so easy!"

    ~ STRIVE Participant, Age 61
  • "To help women detect cancer one day by taking a simple blood test. To help the many that suffer from this disease."

    ~ STRIVE Participant, Age 68
  • "Glad to share my blood and history for my future children and all women. May a simple blood test be available in the near future to prevent and catch very early cancers for all the women of the world."

    ~ STRIVE Participant, Age 76
Learn more about early detection and how this blood test that is in development works.
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